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VisBug is just like Firebug, but for designers

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VisBug is just like Firebug, but instead of letting developers tinker with a website’s source code, it lets every-day users move around a website’s elements using a point-and-click and drag-and-drop interface.

VisBug’s main interface is a toolbar that appears on the left side of a screen. You can use this toolbar’s controls to move page elements around, edit text, create sticky page elements, change a text’s colors, change an image’s hue, brightness, and saturation, and a few other things.

The extension is rather raw for the moment, still lacking many useful controls. For example, we edited a random site template but it wasn’t immediately clear to us how we could save the new site’s source code to a different file, so we can replace the current site with our new arrangement.

Sure, we could have pressed CTRL+U to view the page’s source code and copy the code from there, but VisBug should probably offer options to save the new HTML code to a separate file via a simple button.